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Mar 25, 2020 3:20:27 PM

Pat Basu, MD, former senior advisor on President Obama's economic and healthcare policy agendas and current President and CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), is calling on all specialty cancer centers to become more proactive in response to COVID-19, and help ease the strain that community hospitals are currently experiencing given the current influx of COVID-19 cases. Cancer patients are immunocompromised and fall into the high-risk category for the virus. In response, CTCA is offering to support cancer patients from neighboring acute care hospitals, to help those hospitals focus on treating COVID-19 cases and to mitigate the risk tor cancer patients undergoing treatment there.

'Everyone in the medical community must play their part to help those impacted by COVID-19, including those without the virus who still need their ongoing cancer treatments,' said Dr. Basu. 'Partnering with physicians at community hospitals will help to free up acute care hospital staff to treat COVID-19 patients and limit interactions between immune-compromised patients and people showing COVID-19 symptoms.

'Our aim is to eliminate any disruption in care and ensure cancer patients receive necessary treatment during this crisis,' added Dr. Basu.

CTCA has already taken the following steps to help ease the strain on the healthcare system in their communities:

Committing to providing care to patients in need within safe driving distance of CTCA facilities

Using telehealth to connect transitioning patients with their healthcare team at their current treatment facility

Working with other hospitals to identify ways to address their ICU overflow and surgery needs and credential physicians from other hospitals as necessary

To schedule an interview with Dr. Basu discuss the role specialty cancer centers can play to help eliminate any disruption in cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact Abigail Obre at abigail.obre@ctca-hope.com, Dean Mastrojohn at dean.mastrojohn@yr.com or Jenifer Slaw at Jenifer.slaw@yr.com.


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