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May 20, 2020 12:26:15 PM
Hospital heroes around the country are working tirelessly making personal sacrifices while also going above and beyond the call of duty. Talbots recognized the tremendous need for clean and comfortable clothing for female nurses, doctors and dedicated administrators. As a gesture of the brand's gratitude and appreciation, Talbots wanted to celebrate these everyday superheroes by donating comfortable apparel.

To date, Talbots has shipped over 11,000 items (including yoga pants, cotton tee-shirts and socks) from their T by Talbots athleisure collection as well as pajamas for those who have been sleeping at the hospital. Over 4,000 dedicated female workers have received Talbots donations at overburdened hospitals in both Massachusetts and New York, where Talbots has corporate offices. Many workers have used the clothing to change into before arriving home, protecting their family from the virus that could be lingering on their scrubs while others are enjoying the comfortable clothing under their PPE.

As CEO, Lizanne Kindler said, 'We are so very grateful for the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of these inspiring front line workers. Sending Talbots donations is just a small way of saying thank you while recognizing their dedication, compassion and devotion to patients during the Covid-19 pandemic.'

Katherine A. Rafferty, Director of Community Affairs at Mount Auburn Hospital said, 'This year Nurses Week was very different at Mount Auburn Hospital. There was little time for the traditional celebrations. Our clinicians and staff are supporting COVID-19 patients with extraordinary skill, compassion and dedication. But on Nurses Day, over 600 nurses received a gift bag from Talbots filled with leggings, a shirt and socks. For a brief while, there was laughter as nurses exchanged items with one another – 'anyone want to trade a medium for a small'; 'I'll give you my short sleeve for your long sleeve.' Deals were made and smiles were seen. T by Talbots items brought joy to the Mount Auburn Hospital staff during the most trying of times. Thank you Talbots for helping us celebrate Nurses Day with style.'

Additionally, Talbots has donated 10,000 non-surgical masks to the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program and the brand is also selling a three-pack of decorative, printed masks on for $25.00 with 20% of proceeds going to The American Red Cross.

The brand is also launching a weekly social campaign called #ForeverGrateful which will highlight everyday heroes, the women who are showing up in their community each day with heartfelt heroic acts, both big and small. Check it out at @TalbotsOfficial

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